Bundle of oneshots (RvB x reader)
Bundle of oneshots (RvB x reader) butch flowers  stories

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Bundle of oneshots (RvB x reader)

You could only stare in frustration and anger at the scene presented to you. There they were…talking…

There they were…laughing…

Well, she wasn’t laughing, only he was. Which was unacceptable. Only

could make him laugh until he cried. Only

could talk to him. But here she was, doing the exact same thing…without even trying.

When she asked you, if you wanted her to talk to North for you, you were skeptical but trusted her nonetheless. She knew of your…“ crush”, if it could even be called that, on North.

To the normal person, it seemed like a cute crush, with a tinge of possessiveness, but, if a person were to look carefully, they could see it was not a simple crush, or love.

Stalking him might have been considered cute, if not for you memorising his time table, knowing where he was always.

Wanting him not to talk to girls would’ve been cute, if you didn’t want him to talk to anyone that wasn’t you.

There was a fine line between possession and obsession, and you were way over the line.

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