Bumped into love
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Bumped into love

Chapter one

Dean pushed his shopping cart along the aisles of the Super Target, his eyes resting on the little girl sitting in the carrier strapped into the cart.

The little girl was almost 7 months old now and eager to babble along to her father’s talk, trying to answer the adult.

Dean had never had someone in his life he loved more than Emma. She was the light of his eye, even though the circumstances around the time of birth hadn’t been the best.

He loved her dearly, even more than he loved his brother Sam or his mother and father.

He had always had a relatively calm life, but the birth of Emma and her mother walking out on them had turned everything around. Not that he wasn’t happy now, he was freaking ecstatic.

But he couldn’t deny being a single father of a little baby girl was damn hard. He wouldn’t want to have it any other way, though.

Emma’s mother had made it clear even before the birth that she didn’t want a baby, and had made true of her threat shortly after the four weeks marker of little Emma’s life.

She had packed her bags and walked out of the front door of Dean and her one story house, not looking back for a moment, leaving the man and his daughter’s life.

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