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story by lavatel adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Monster wasn’t afraid of anything. He wasn’t afraid when Taehyung, ‘V’, sauntered into his study, hanging by the door for a few minutes whilst his Leader typed away on his computer.

It wasn’t until Monster leaned to look past his monitor, eyebrows cocking at his subordinate’s strange behaviour, that Taehyung, with Hoseok’s advice,

admitted that a gun had been sold to a police officer - Or more specifically, V had been high enough to forget protocol and had screwed up.

“I’m sober now, I promise, it’s just that, I don’t know, he was a smooth talker. Pretty, too, actually. Tall.” Taehyung was most

not sober. As he continued to ramble, he slipped into the leather chair across from Monster, shirt hanging off his shoulders and legs draped over the armrest as he made himself comfortable.

Jimin regularly made attempts to have him dress in a suit, much like the rest of them, but Taehyung always ended up complaining about the limited movement he could make with his arms.

Yoongi would always ask why he’d need to be making a full windmill rotation in the first place, and V would always counter his argument with a quick “When

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