Buffy and Xander as Role Models
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Buffy and Xander as Role Models

said by Joss Whedon.

Joss intended for Buffy and Xander to be role models for girls and boys to show that girls can be leaders and boys can be supporters.

Now both Buffy and Xander had to go through a lot of struggles to be able to accept their roles.

They did not choose to be who they are, fought against it, disliked themselves because of it, and perhaps that made a lot of fans hesitate to consider them role models.

Because the characters felt ashamed of whom they were and wanted to be somebody else, when in fact, those feelings made them more human and relatable.

It’s noticeable how Buffy is usually put on a high pedestal; she has the burden of being the star of the show.

Every mistake she makes even if it’s little is a big deal, and not because she’s better than that or that she should know better,

but also because the outcome of her mistakes is usually larger than the other characters.

Everything revolves around her: Bad guys are out there to get her, good guys seek her for protection, and she’s the one the monks chose to protect the key.

She’s the first name that pops in other’s heads when danger occurs and that puts a lot of pressure on her.

She’s the leader, she’s the one with the answers, she’s the one who’ll get it right and save the world.

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