Budding relationships
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Budding relationships

Min Yoongi doesn't like changes.

He preferred to sit alone during lunch and keep to himself unless his few friends weren't too busy smothering their girls and decided they all need to eat together. Boys only.

But even then he preferred being alone.

But Jung Hoseok was a welcoming change and at first he was worried he would do something wrong and they'd talk about everything and anything- even those worries and he was

really grateful Hoseok was understanding.

She'd brighten up his day with just her presence, bring a smile out of him more times than anyone ever could,

made him feel dizzy with affection and he felt the need to be a sap and show her how much he likes her because words wouldn't do justice.

Yoongi and Hoseok have been going out for a while now. Ten months to be precise and so he was used to having his girlfriend all to himself ever since.

But before they got together, the girl would bounce from one table to another due to her growing popularity and increase of friends.

Students would invite her to sit with them and she just couldn't refuse since she had no real best friends to sit with.

High school was hard during freshmen year especially if you know no one but your crush which was Yoongi’s case.

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