Bucky Bear wears Eyeliner (Unfinished First Draft)
Bucky Bear wears Eyeliner (Unfinished First Draft) vision (marvel) stories

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Bucky Bear wears Eyeliner (Unfinished First Draft)

This area of the mall is like a little family, and new stores always get the run down.

So Steve tells the group about the opening, and makes it his duty to introduce the new editions to the way things work here.

The short walk across the stores does make Steve a little nervous once he sees what Spencer's is like.

He soon becomes the odd one out with his bright work uniform on contrast to the dark urban feeling of the spacious store.

While still taking in his scenery a boy that looks slightly older then himself looks up from the hats he’s unboxing to Steve’s bewildered state.

“Hey man, welcome to Spencer's is there anything I can help you with?” For a moment Steve just needs to soak this in.

“This boy is beautiful ”, he thinks to himself.

The boy has his long dark brown hair put up in a sloppy bun, where Steve can see red peak from the ends of his hair.

The boy is wearing a worn gray Sex pistols tank top, ripped black skinny jeans, and old black converse. Then he notices the eyeliner that makes the boy’s gray eyes pop .

There’s also three black studs coming from his left ear. “Um hello, Earth to teddy bear.”, the boy waves a hand in front my face.

Steve didn’t even notice that the boy stood up from the box he was occupied with.

“Oh I’m sorry, my name’s Steve, and I wanted to welcome you to the lower wing of the mall!” The punk looks at him like he had a third eye. “Well Steve I’m Bucky, and I don’t want to be rude.

But why are you giving me in introduction? Most of my past "mall neighbors" didn’t even know I existed.”

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