Bubbles and Fairy Wings
Bubbles and Fairy Wings dawn (strange magic) stories

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Bubbles and Fairy Wings

"C'mon, Marianne. You're better than this."

Princess Marianne, Fairy of the highest rank, Hereditary Leader of the Armies of Mars and Future Queen of All Enlightened Space paused in her patrol,

expression chilling as surely as water on Ganymede. She turned to the holographic image that floated beside her.

"Better than what, exactly? Is there a more worthy task than ensuring the safety of ten billion souls?"

Roland grimaced and looked down the corridor he had found his former fiance guarding.

Row upon row of jars surrounded them, stretching far into the distance, until the haze of the cool chamber obscured them from sight.

These were not even the special bottles, lovingly crafted and made unique by family or servants to hold a loved one until their skills were once again needed.

No, the jars that now surrounded them were simple, ugly things, most without even a label to differentiate one from another.

Just endless rows of identical jars, each holding a single black bubble inside.

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