BSC on Annie National Tour
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BSC on Annie National Tour

The Creators of Annie are

Music by: Charles Strouse

Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Book by Thomas Meehan

Reminder: Baby-Sitters Club was created by Ann M. Martin

“I heard there would be a play here. They’re doing Annie,” said Kristy.

“Really?” asked Claudia.

We were on our way to lunch. I’m Mary Anne Spier. I’m 13 years old and attend Stoneybrook Middle School. The only problem with me is that I’m very shy and could have stage freight.

“I always wanted to be in Annie. I don’t care what part I get,” said Kayla.

“Me either,” said Kaylee.

“You’d be perfect for Annie,” Kristy told me.

“I don’t know if I want to do it,” I said.

“We could all try-out together if you want to feel comfortable to do so,” said Stacey.

“Plus, you and Annie do have something in common. You lost your mom when you were a baby.

Annie was placed at the orphanage at two months by her parents with a half-locket and a note saying they’d be back for her.

Only she didn’t know they have been dead until many years later,” added Kristy.

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