Brèves de TARDIS
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A short story by shadowsquill adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Brèves de TARDIS

The Doctor looked around at her uneasy. He was particularly ill-at-ease, which never had happened in her presence. She was shaking her head, completely oblivious, trying to remember.

She noticed him watching her. He smiled. It was so much easier to pretend that everything was fine even though death was eating him away.

He had been impossible for him to let her die because of the Time Vortex right after she saved his life.

At that moment, his reason went away and he soaked up the ache that was hurting her, an ache that was soaking up every cell of his Time Lord’s body. It was painful but he didn’t show anything.

He was pretty sad to be compelled to leave her so soon but, once again, he wasn’t showing anything.

He wanted her to remember him as he had always been: an impulsive man, sarcastic, loving dangerous adventures and the word “FANTASTIC!”. Maybe she would remember how much he loved bananas.

Soon, he would be a different man, with a different character. What would his next incarnation do with her? Would he make the ultimate sacrifice for her just like he did?

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