Bruce x Reader x Avengers: RAGE QUIT!!
Bruce x Reader x Avengers: RAGE QUIT!! fanfiction stories

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Bruce x Reader x Avengers: RAGE QUIT!!

"Scream for my ice cream. Tell me all your dirty dreams..." you sang softly as you exited the elevator.

You made a B line straight for the couch, jumping over it to reach the giant flat screen TV.

Just then the famous Tony Stark walked in hearing you sing/hum the lyrics to 'Scream for My Ice Cream' by Blood on The Dance Floor.

He stopped mid stride and glanced over to you, seeing you do a little dance while fumbling with the remotes.

"So, you want me to scream for your ice cream?" he asked sarcastically.

You paused realizing that you were not alone anymore.

"Or do you want me to tell you all my dirty dreams?"

You turn around to find Tony smiling devilishly at you. "Tony, you know I'm in an intimate relationship with Bruce.

" you say in a hushed tone while turning back to the TV.

Tony frowned slightly not catching the last thing you said.

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