Brothers Forever
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Brothers Forever

Natasha ran, dodging around the crackling flames and charred metal. The heat would have been overwhelming if the adrenaline pumping through her didn’t override all her other feelings.

The smell of burning steel, oil and something … like human flesh, but not quite.

She had one of her Glocks out, pointing it at the ground as she strafed around a shipping container.

Her earpiece crackled to life. ‘I’ve made it to the top of a crane,’ Clint called out. ‘Fires everywhere. Damaged armour as well. No sign of Tony or Pepper.’

Steve reported in then. ‘Colonel Rhodes has arrived on the mainland with the President and is now with the SHIELD team.’

There was a loud bang as Thor landed somewhere on the giant oil rig. ‘I, too, cannot see our teammate.’

Natasha took a deep breath, tuning out the worries eating at her. It wasn’t as easy any more to lock her feelings into that padlocked box when it came to her teammates.

But she had to, if she was going to be any use to Tony. She tried to concentrate but the past thirty-six hours kept on replaying back in her head.

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