Broken Trust
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A written piece by leaves_crown adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Broken Trust

The hamburger in front of him remained uneaten. Sanada had only eaten three fries before he started staring out of the window of the fastfood place.

He had failed.

Yes, sure. Their bid for the nationals had come to a final end when Yukimura was beaten by Echizen, but it had been him who had made the first dent in Rikkai’s perfection.

Yukimura’s life had been in danger just weeks before he played the little brat in the finals. If he had won the Kantou tournament, Yukimura would not have felt pressured to play so soon.

Sanada should have whipped their team, and most of all, himself, into invincibility.

And now he and Yukimura barely talked. All the trust between them had dissipated, as had Yukimura’s affection for him. Sanada found little joy in tennis anymore, at least at the club.

Not a word of reprove, Yukimura had spoken. This made it worse, for Sanada could feel his disappointment every day. So he pushed himself harder, beyond what he thought his limit had been.

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