Broken Road
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Broken Road

Doctor Jennifer Keller stood on the bridge of the Daedalus along with a couple dozen Marines - both men and women.

The ship was orbiting a planet where a floating city / spaceship named Atlantis awaited their arrival. They all were waiting to be transported down to the city to start their new assignments.

Jennifer could not believe that she was actually standing inside an honest to goodness spaceship that had traveled light years from one galaxy to another.

Even at light speed it had taken three weeks to get here.

she thought.

She was proudly wearing the official SGA uniform and had her standard issued gear - extra uniforms, boots, equipment, etc - in one bag; her personal items in a smaller one. She traveled light.

It couldn't be helped. She was really nervous about being beamed down. First time ever on a spaceship; first time ever being 'beamed' down from one.

If the tech who operated the controls was named Scotty, she was going to lose her lunch right then and there.

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