Broken Mirrors
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Broken Mirrors

--- Bob Dylan

Chapter 1: Only Me

So, it was done.

He sat for a while and listened to the silence - or actually the not-quite-silence,

since there were distant noises from the street as well as the faint creaks and rattles of the building and the whisper of a fretful wind gusting around the eaves,

the measured drip of a faucet in the kitchen, and the tick of the clock behind the bar.

He should go. He knew he didn't have much time, because Scotty would not be gone long.

He would have dropped Paige off by now, and would be running his regular errands; it might take him an hour or so, but certainly no longer than that. So Kevin knew that he should get moving.

But still he sat, his eyes trained on the pages that lay on the table before him, covered with the easy flow of his handwriting.

He had probably written too much, like always. Old habits were ridiculously hard to break. But he already knew that, didn't he? That was rather the point, wasn't it?

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