Broken Mirror
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Broken Mirror

“Where’s that frosty?” he moaned.

“There, there.” She patted his uninjured hand. “First, we gotta get you to the hospital.”

Sitting next to Henry lying flat at the bottom of the skatepark bowl, Eliza looked up and saw two paramedics peering over the lip of the bowl.

With the help of the young skaters, they brought down a stretcher.

Ensuring his broken right arm was stabilized to prevent further injury and securing Henry onto the stretcher were easy; getting back up proved a lot trickier.

Slowly, they all made their way back up and Henry was loaded onto the ambulance.

“My cool delicious frosty …” he continued to mumble.

“Sir, please take it easy, and we’ll get you to the hospital as quickly as we can.” Sheila, one of the paramedics, said.

“Can I go with him?” Eliza asked.

“Not ‘can I’, Eliza; it’s ‘may I’ …” Henry mumbled from inside.

“Yes," Sheila replied. "Normally, we’d ask you to ride up front, but perhaps, it's best if you rode with him in the back. My partner will drive. Is that okay, Mark?”

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