Broken Leg Healing Hearts
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story by maskyisnotaproxy adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Broken Leg Healing Hearts

Jay couldn’t remember anything other than what he saw from his own camera.

Most of his memories of the past and more recent times were all from a strange, sometimes sideways, third person perspective. And that was alright. Usually.

But now he really, really wanted to remember, because this time, he knew he was forgetting something—as evidenced by the masked man lying sprawled across the hotel bed with a cast on his leg.

Sighing, trying not to panic, and creeping silently as so not to disturb the potentially dangerous man, Jay grabbed his camera and crept over to his laptop. He had some tape watching to do.

“Give me the knife,” Alex said. “Is that…

Jay sputtered, and then as an afterthought, added, “I’m not giving you the knife!” Alex seemed to boil with rage as Tim struggled under his restraints. “That’s not Tim

Alex snarled, “And either way he

me! He’s clearly

Jay backed up as Alex walked forwards. “No,” he said with more certainty this time. “Besides, if he’s so dangerous—why didn’t he attack

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