Broken Bones and Tattered Clothes
Broken Bones and Tattered Clothes kahmunrah (night at the museum) stories

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Broken Bones and Tattered Clothes

Sitting behind the money table, Jedediah glanced at his phone and gave a huff of impatience. Only fifteen minutes ‘til three o’clock.

He still had ten minutes before his boss, McPhee, would let him go on break.

Jedediah looked around the tent. It was filled with renaissance-style clothing made by McPhee’s company.

He ran an online store for period clothing, and during the summer months he went around the state selling his wares.

This was Jedediah’s first summer working at a faire, let alone with McPhee.

They were already at the second faire of the summer--Clarksville--and despite the faire itself being situated on a plain of long dead grass, Jedediah’s enthusiasm, much like the unbearable heat,

hadn’t wavered. McPhee could be a bit much at times, though.

His eyes roamed over to where Rebecca Hutman, a young woman who was also working for McPhee this summer, was helping a customer pick out a dress.

Rebecca pointed to a midnight-blue silk gown, but the woman shook her head emphatically and reached toward a garish orange one.

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