Broken Bones. 6/4/17
Broken Bones. 6/4/17 art stories

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~22.17pm~ Slip your spinal disk,
By littletinyphantom http://littletinyphantom....

Broken Bones. 6/4/17

by littletinyphantom


Slip your spinal disk,

And paralyse your body.

Bring your brain with it

Hand your mentality to the gods,

Leave it all to fate.

Loneliness is your home

And heaven,

And your mother’s womb is no longer a haven

For your broken bones,

Or body or mind

Or anyone you have ever forgotten.

Your father tried to teach you lessons,

And in spite you refused to listen

Because he stole you from your mother’s haven

And smashed your spine to pieces.

He smashed your mind to pieces.

I know your sister she told you,

“Honey, refuse to miss him”

And yet your hands cling to cargo trouser legs,

And your brother sniggers silently

Because nobody suffered the broken bones

But you.

You are the one missing home,

Buried in their hovel

And you struggle to find saviour.

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