Broken Bonds
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Broken Bonds


Dr. Cid had just been given the go ahead to begin his research, and with it came a move to a new area of the palace, along with some new equipment that would aid in his research.

He needed someone to watch over her during the move, and so this young man was given the job of looking after her.

Kefka had known Cid since he was a teenager, and had watched Terra from afar ever since they brought her from the Esper World three years ago.

He'd watched her grow from a toddling infant into a beautiful little girl, and when Cid came to him asking that he watch her during the move,

Kefka was happy to lend a hand and look after her for a while.

Thunder exploded overhead, shaking the ground and stopping them dead in their tracks. Terra screamed, unable to move another step as she was overcome with fright.

Kefka scooped her up in his arms, his head down and his blond hair trailing out behind him as he ran with her the rest of the way.

He glanced over his shoulder when he heard her cry, and saw that she had dropped her plush moogle when he picked her up. He told her he would come back for it later.

Right now they had to get inside before they both got soaked and ended up getting sick from the cold and rain.

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