Bring the Floor Up to My Knees
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Bring the Floor Up to My Knees

"Elena? Can you come here, please?" Caroline's plea is followed by an interesting string of obscenities, and Elena ticks them off on her fingers: three

s, four

s, two

s, and a

. Not bad. "Like soon, maybe?" Caroline adds with a grunt.

"Be right there." Elena adjusts her cleavage for the hundredth time, trying to decide if the last tug on the corset strings was one tug too many.

Is it appropriately sexy, or has she crossed the line into model-on-the-cover-of-a-bodice-ripper territory?

Caroline hollers again and mumbles about how Elena should be the one who gets punished if they're late.

Giving herself one last once-over in the full-length mirror propped against her bedroom wall, she runs her hands over the satin and lace bustier. It's nice.

Dinged-the-credit-card nice, but if things go well tonight, it'll have been worth the splurge.

Hustling into the bathroom before Caroline starts screaming, she discovers her friend wrestling with a pair of shiny, black pants that look like they might be made out of rubber or pleather or .

. .

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