Bridge the Spectrum
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Bridge the Spectrum

The Long-Standing Proposal

If destiny does exist, then that one person – the only person who will become irreplaceable in your world, is coming for you as fast as they can.

Sometimes they’re right where you can see them, other times they’re halfway across the world thinking that they have it all figured out.

More than physical distance, it’s a distance of the heart that cannot be overcome until that perfectly calculated moment preordained by fate herself is met.

You’re coming from opposite ends of a spectrum, meeting somewhere in the middle. It’s not so extreme there, free of the harsh opinions that define you as a person.

Keeping that strong self is important and remembering it through the haze of a median gray is the only proof that the one you’re crossing paths with right here, right now, is precisely “the one”.

Love is thicker than any London fog, more terrifying than being chloroformed in a back alley, and erases the scars of insecurity which reside on every thought and memory.

The darkest nights recede with promises of a blaring dawn, and then a baby blue morning, scorching high noon, simmering summer naps, radiant twilight, and then a twinkle,

twinkle in the silver skylight.

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