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Brown big and beautiful eyes lit up as a street light shown down on her like a spotlight on stage.

She couldn't believe she was here, back to the place she was born even if it was in another time.

One of her fingers of her left hand that was on the steering wheel of her car had a beautiful rose ring with lapis lazuli stones as rain drops on it,

an engraved 'M' on the side of a plain silver band paired with it.

She couldn't help but smile as she remembered the time she had with her husband,

and as soon as she heard the doppelganger was alive she knew she would need to take a little road trip and help out her husband.

She would bet that Nik wasn't that far behind, and knowing Elijah he was most likely already there... She missed him too much , along with Bekah and Kol.

Ava didn't approve of him daggering his family, but in the end she couldn't control Nik's actions no matter how much she wished he would listen to her.

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