Breaking Through
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A short story by purple2015 posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Breaking Through

Disclaimer: I do not own Rookie Blue or any of the characters etc.

'I'm sure it's perfect. You've gone over it enough times', Frankie sighed, 'Anyway most people will go to the session on weapons so you'll just be speaking to a couple of forensic nerds'.

Gail looked up from her iPad with a doleful expression. She didn't want to tell Frankie about her fear of public speaking.

While both her parents no longer spoke to her,

their exPecktations were so ingrained that Gail couldn't completely suppress her doubts about her presentation or anxiety that once on stage her nerves would get the better of her.

'Anyway, Rodney's co-presenting so just let him do the nerd speak and you'll be right', Frankie said, undeterred by Gail's expression. 'You know Peck, conferences are meant to be fun.

Time away from work, drinking, hooks up with people you don't ever have to see again. Not this boring serious shit'. Frankie waved her hand dismissively.

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