Breaking Boundaries
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A fiction by aini posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Breaking Boundaries

"Get down!"

Fives pushed Tup to the floor and covered him as blaster fire soared over their heads. Neither wasted time in getting back up and running around the corner of the hallway once it had passed.

They needed to get out and get out

He'd thought the situation was bad before. When they'd brought both Tup and himself before the Chancellor, he'd thought they had a chance.

That he was going to get to save his brothers from the nightmare. Tup had only barely survived his own ordeal after all.

But then, in a move that had shocked them both, he'd order his guards to attack them, to shoot to kill.

Which meant he was part of the plot.

Now they were running for their lives from the Coruscant Guard and Master Shaak Ti. It couldn’t get worse than this, could it?

“To your left!”

Fives just barely managed to dodge a shot aimed at him, probably towards the upper left of his back, at Tup's shout, slamming himself against the wall.

Another shot was fired and he heard Tup cry out. There wasn't time to check his brother's status. Without a word, Fives grabbed his arm, slung it over his shoulder, and continued to move forward.

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