Breakfast on Pluto
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Breakfast on Pluto

The first four and half years of Miles’s life was uneventful. Nothing actually had happened.

There are no memories of note, images, sounds or smells, or strange interconnected unrelated moments that he can honestly recall.

That’s not to say that the first years of his life have been a void where the world just picks up when he is four.

He remembers his biological parents (he has to refer to them as such because it’s the only way to separate that life from his current) and he has


Gun to his head though, he wouldn’t change what had happened. He wouldn’t want to. He is happy. Does he wonder how different things would have been?

Perhaps he would go to the same school as his biological father did and maybe grew up being best friends with the son of someone his parents had known.

Maybe he’d meet someone named Sally Lou and she’d be his best girl and they’d have a whirlwind romance and danced all over the town.

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