Break The Curse Of This Earth: Gen 2
Break The Curse Of This Earth: Gen 2 daidouji tomoyo stories

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A fiction by tsubarukimimori adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Break The Curse Of This Earth: Gen 2

Chapter 36

“I hope you appreciate all the hard work we’re all putting into this and YOU OWE SUBARU BIG TIME! HE’S BEEN ANGSTING FOR OVER A WEEK! ALL BECAUSE YOU WON’T SEE HIM!”

“It will all be worth it when he sees this—” They were interrupted by a banging down the center stairwell. “Gee I wonder who that could be.

” Amber eyes rolled and he stashed his wand in his pocket.

“Fuuma you’re a clumsy ox, how you got scouted for pro Quidditch is beyond me…what the hell is on your head?”

“What does it look like genius? A trashcan; help me up will you?”

“Yeah yeah.” He offered his hand to his brother and before he knew it he was on the floor with him.

“I’ll kill you.”

“What on earth are you two doing on the ground? This manor won’t decorate itself! And Sei-chan how are you keeping Subaru busy?”

“Dad’s with him; let’s go you clumsy ox, before I decide to cast a permanent sticking charm on that. Then when they call your name in matches it won’t be Fuuma Monou it will be Trashcan Man.”

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