Brave New World
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Brave New World

“Could I have a cup of tea now? Please? I would like to have a cup of tea now.

This whole situation is horrible enough; you could grand me at least a cup of tea to calm my nerves! Might it be possible to find at least a few leaves of tea here?

I doubt you drowned all the tea of all colonies in Boston…”

The Lieutenant nods at his subordinate who then takes his leave.

“And the good one! Not the cheap stuff you might give your soldiers!”

“You make a lot of demands for a prisoner.”

“And you act pretty rude and primitive for calling yourself the dawn of a new era. It’s true what they say, the rebels have no manners.

Not to mention that you live here in the wilderness, in the cold and wide nothing.”

The Lieutenant rubs his temple and sighs. “The General will send a Major for interrogation, today.”

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