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A fanfic by soliloquize adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Brave Hearts

Practice had run late; it was nearly midnight by the time James let himself in their tiny flat.  It was suspiciously quiet at first, especially since all the lights were still on.

“Are you having fun without me?” he called to the apartment at large.

“James!” Lily’s voice came from the back room, quickly followed by the girl herself.

She was hanging onto Sirius—James wasn’t sure if she was drunk enough to make the support necessary, but she definitely wasn’t sober.

He dropped his keys into the bowl by the door and turned back to greet his girl and boyfriend.

“We had

of fun without you,” Sirius informed him with a smug peck on the lips.

“You stayed home on a Friday night and drank wine,” James replied.

“That’s not

we did,” Lily put her arms around James’s neck and stood on her toes to give him an enthusiastic kiss.

James wasn’t sure if the action was meant to mollify him, or demonstrate what he’d missed.  Either way, her breath confirmed that the two had indeed been drinking

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