Boys You've Got another one - Sherlockian Meta
Boys You've Got another one - Sherlockian Meta  the johnlock conspiracy stories

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Boys You've Got another one - Sherlockian Meta

Boys…you’ve got another one… Sherlockian meta

Chapter 1 - Why we should like Mary.

Okay - take me with a grain of salt here - just throwing some thoughts out there for the fun of discussion.

I find that there is a trend to Make Mary a horrible person simply for the ease of bringing Johnlock about.

That is fine but really – it is too simple and if you want to give your story some Whump – WHY make that such an easy fix.

Torture your babies!

Don’t make Mary a one dimensional evil ogre.

It’s fine for the short smutty stories because you don’t have to explain volumes to get to the kissing, but if you are writing works over 10k words – making Mary a toss away is a bit lazy.

I have been accused of being soft on Mary, and that may be true, but I think everyone else is missing a world of cool Mary angst.

They either write her as a Mary-sue with a gun or she is Moriarty’s evil twin topping from the bottom.

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