Boys Keep Swinging
Boys Keep Swinging sex work stories

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short story by beetlequeen adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Boys Keep Swinging

Sarah rolled over in bed - and promptly screamed when she saw Hoggle staring at her through her vanity. "Hoggle..?" She yawned, still groggy with sleep. "What're you... doing...

here?" Hoggle moved sheepishly from side to side. Truly, he didn't want to lay all this on Sarah's doorstep, but she was the only one that might be able to pull this off. "Hoggle?"

The dwarf wrung his hands, awkwardly. "Sarah, it's...

Sarah felt her blood run cold. In the years since she left the Labyrinth, she'd heard neither hide nor hair of what happened to Jareth. Hoggle was always vague.

Ludo and Didymus weren't much help either. As time went on, Sarah just stopped asking. But that hadn't meant she wasn't curious.

If anything, it made her more adamant to know just what the hell they'd been keeping from her. "What's wrong?"

Hoggle sighed. "Well, it's like this..."

Sarah trudged through the Goblin City, surprised to see how much it had changed. Since the battle some years back, a lot of the houses had been torn down and rebuilt.

There were more amenities, and shops - and nestled in one corner was the building she was looking for. Sarah felt her gorge rise, remembering what Hoggle had told her.

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