Boxing Gloves
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Boxing Gloves

The first alert was when someone who actually was paying attention to the TV shouted out "What the Sam Hill is that damn fool doing?!?

" That got all eyes on the TV, just in time to see Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan grab Chicago White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura around the neck and commence pounding him in the head,

repeatedly. By the time the third slow-motion replay had cycled through, someone shouted "Call up LaFiamma!"

"He ain't home!" Came the reply. "All he talked about today was he has a date tonight!"

"Which means unless Lundy physically drags his ass outta bed, he'll slap the snooze button at least three times, right?"

"If he don't just sleep through it completely. Either way, he's fixin' to be late tomorrow."

For those who didn't know him, the unholy glee in Esteban Gutierrez's eyes would have been frightening. For some who did know him, it was anyway.

"Gentlemen, we have little time to plan, but I believe we can pull this off."

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