Bound To Shadows
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Bound To Shadows

I do not own Diabolik Lovers. This amazing anime was created by Seiko Nagatsu. I only created Reiko and a few side characters.

Dusk was falling, casting long, dark shadows at every corner of the bustling downtown streets.

Reiko stood at the corner of a secluded alleyway as she watched her target entering the splendid two story nightclub, Eclipse, through a pair of towering glass doors.

Dance music drifted down the boulevard from the club's rooftop, signaling that the nightly revelry had already begun.

Eclipse was quite a popular rendezvous for both humans and vampires.

Young mortals came for varying reasons, from seeking a good time with their friends to hooking up and spending the night with complete strangers.

But immortals came here for one purpose only - a quick meal. Places crowded with youthful humans attracted vampires like moths to a flame, and Eclipse was no different.

Reiko took out her mobile phone from her back pocket and speed-dialed her partner. "He went inside the building. I'm going in."

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