Bound To Be A Bad Idea
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Bound To Be A Bad Idea

Amy Raudenfeld hasn't talked to Karma Ashcroft in 16 hours and 26 minutes and it feels like she's breaking into hives.

In the entirety of their friendship this is the longest they've gone without speaking. The strangest part to Amy is that she's the one not talking.

She has thirty-eight unanswered phone calls from Karma, and roughly eighty texts – her phone buzzes on her nightstand – make that eighty-one texts. She wants to answer every single one.

She wants to apologize for starting a fight about Liam, for acting weird, for not being the kind of friend she wishes she could be.

Instead she lets the calls go to voicemail and the texts eat up the memory on her phone. Everything has gotten so complicated since she gave in to Karma’s latest plan for world domination.

In terms of crazy Karma schemes being fake lesbians in order to win homecoming queen is actually pretty mild.

It requires no pyrotechnics or ethically questionable fake disabilities, which is a relief. But then again, none of those plans ever made her have to rethink her entire identity.

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