Bound, Bonded and Betrayed
Bound, Bonded and Betrayed dorothy catalonia stories

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Bound, Bonded and Betrayed


Heero gazed out of the window across the sprawling lawns of the castle grounds to the sweeping forest beyond and sighed softly to himself.

A knock at his door drew him from his thoughts and he turned, bidding the visitor to enter his chambers.

A small blonde head appeared around the door and a gentle voice accompanied the entry. "Prince Heero, sir. Your father wishes to speak with you in the throne room."

Heero gave the kneeling slave a warm smile. "Thank you, Quatre. Please tell my father I will be there shortly."

The blonde slave rose from his knees, keeping his head bowed. "As you command, Prince Heero." He turned and was gone, closing the door behind him.

Heero glanced out of the window once more before taking his cape from the back of the chair and donning it. Quickly he left his chambers and headed for the throne room.

He knocked respectfully on the door and hearing the deep voice bid him to enter, he did so. His father sat behind a large desk, papers strewn about.

The throne room, as it was called, was not in fact the room where the king's throne resided; many years ago, the royal throne had graced the room,

but Prince Heero's grandfather had had the room converted into an office and the royal thrones had been moved to the great hall where the banquets and balls were usually held.

Heero agreed that it seemed a more fitting place.

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