Born From Chaos
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Born From Chaos

"You are Yue Jin right?" Yue Jin's head snapped up at the mention of his name, instantly pulled out of his ruminations. He looked to the man who had spoke to him curiously.

He was taller than him. Jin had to crane his neck up slightly to look at him. After a few moments, realization dawned on him that he was asked a question.

Jin quickly stammered out a yes in response. The man gave him a big smile and nodded.

"I'm Li Dian," he replied, looking away from Jin to the villagers, watching them go about their day.

"The closer we get to Hu Lao, the more you can see the effects of Dong Zhuo's tyranny," Dian continued. The smile he wore had shifted into a deep frown.

Jin followed Dian's gaze to the villagers. He had been so absorbed in his own thoughts, he hadn't noticed the desolate state the village was in.

There were no merchants peddling their wares in the streets. The villagers that were around wore ill fitting rags for clothing. The children did not play.

They sat listlessly off to the side, huddled together. Their sunken bodies served as evidence that they were starving.

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