Book of Ficlets
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Book of Ficlets

Things Unspoken: AKA those adorable idiots should use their words.

Dialogue in quote marks is from the original scene near the end of the episode "The Enemies of Man", as the ship nears land. Italics are all the things that are not said, but should have been.

And I made myself sad writing this one :/

"You're going back to Rome?"

"Without the Church, I…well, I'm nothing."

"I will place myself entirely at the Pope's mercy."

"You do realize Sixtus may show you none?"

"Perhaps that's what I deserve for worshiping false idols."

---"Land ho!"---

"It's felt surprisingly civilized to be your ally."

"Well, we may have survived this journey together. But in a few moments, any alliance we may have had will come to an end."

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