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"I think, we can't be in relationship anymore". I replied, "Yes, that seems to be appropriate. Not anymore".
By jacky780001


by jacky780001

"I think, we can't be in relationship anymore".

I replied, "Yes, that seems to be appropriate. Not anymore".

I'm relieved now of that continuous nagging about small things, your swerving of mood all the time to trivial matters, those miffed reactions.

Its good that you said it yourself, coz if I had said that, then who knows what kind of reaction you might had shown, what theatrics you would have done to make me feel guilty of your mistakes.

We promised to marry, we promised to convince our parents if they won't allow us to marry. But we were waiting to settle our career, for each other, to support, for life eternal.

Tomorrow is my date for announcement of final selection of job, and we are getting apart on the verge of it.

I have gotten my job. I have settled my career, but for alone, just me only.

On the day you left me, I got a job, for which we were waiting, to lead a happy life with each other, like we imagined, in a house with garden, sitting underneath a tree,

holding each other's hands. Its ironic that the day I lost my belief, I gained a hope, but for alone, just me only.

Three months have passed. But it seems, I can never forget you, my love for you has thickened with passage of time.

The more I try to divert my thoughts, the more the images of you flash in my mind.

Everytime I try to dial your number, I've to delete after just typing it, of fear what you might say, what if you still have hatred towards me.

Every call I receive, I look at it in the hope of seeing your number. But even my hope is deceiving me.

Today, you called. My hands are trembling, why are you calling me all of a sudden, why after all these months have passed, what do you need from me.

I am not picking up the phone, I will let it pass, I don't want to show myself desperate for you.

Another call. "Can we at least be friends?". That's it, that's all you have to say. You just want to be a friend.

What about all those promises, those imaginary lives we thought to live?

No, you must be living in the same desperation I had been living in, may be I'm wrong, but its still give me a string of happiness.

But even then, why didn't you call me that day, on that very day, you left me to rot, why didn't you call me in two hours after that, like I used to do after our bickerings,

coz I couldn't live away from you even for a moment, couldn't even think about it.

But you didn't call, perhaps, you need something from me now, you are in some trouble, you need some shoulder to cry on.

I'm always here for you, I'll always be caring about you, but not like this, you didn't even apolozige, you didn't even ask how I was, you just called me and said you wanted a friend.

"My boss is calling me, I think its some emergency."


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