Bonded by blood
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Bonded by blood

Bond had some down time between missions, which he was currently spending on an evening with one of his married hook-ups.

It was supposed to be a pleasant night; a good meal followed by hassle free sex but it didn't look like it would pan out that way.

Bond took a sip of his martini and tried to stifle a yawn as she yammered on.

"This place is amazing! I've never been before. Roger doesn't take me anywhere any more...I'm thinking of leaving him in fact" she added hopefully.

Bond choked on his drink. He hated it when they got clingy, after all the whole point of seeing married women was the simplicity.

Perhaps there was something to be said about relations with men- they could separate the physical from the emotional,

he mused as his eyes fell on the black trouser clad arse of the waiter at the table in front of him. Admittedly it wasn't much of an arse.

Impressive head of hair though, plenty for him to get his fingers in.

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