Bonded: A Gakuen Heaven fanfic
Bonded: A Gakuen Heaven fanfic cute animal(s): teddy bear(s) and panda plush(es) stories

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Bonded: A Gakuen Heaven fanfic


Ishizuka, Kazuki's assistant, was driving the car in a direction that Kazuki knew didn't lead to his father's office,

but although he was looking out of one of the right-hand side passenger window, he was so upset that he barely noticed.

A slow, sensuous smile spread over his face as he imagined just what he and Keita would have time to do, and he temporarily forgot his anger.

Motivated by a sudden idea to surprise his beloved, he had worked extra hard while overseas to quickly finish his paperwork.

But as he prepared to leave that country his father had called him to tell him that he wanted to see him as soon as he came back to Japan.

This had not pleased Kazuki, and he had been suspicious. Why the urgency?

Something wasn't right, and not even thoughts of Keita in various positions on the floors,

walls and furniture in the apartment that Kazuki paid the rent for - but the lease was in Keita's name - could keep that feeling away for long.

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