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Ok so omg a few little blush things have happened with G over the past few weeks & I wanted to share them here before I forget to. Last week, at CG we played a game called “Psychiatrist”
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Blush Post #4

by pigeon-ponderings

Ok so omg a few little blush things have happened with G over the past few weeks & I wanted to share them here before I forget to.

Last week, at CG we played a game called “Psychiatrist”

(In case you’ve never heard of it,

the whole group decides what mental disorder they are going to have & the 1 person is the Psychiatrist has to ask each person questions – & they have to behave & answer the questions as if

they had the disorder– to try to guess what the disorder is).

Anyways, in 1 of the rounds we all had OCD (I was siting in a chair next the end of the couch & G was sitting on the couch next to me) & he was SO funny-good at playing the OCD💙


he & I kept straightening the leaves of the plant on the table in front of us & smoothing our pants & he kept fluffing the pillow next to him & twitching & OMG I think he is just the

most adorable thing I’ve ever met💙

THEN. THEN in the last round of the game, we all had a disorder that we thought we were Christopher Walken.

I planned on sitting quietly since I have no Walken-skills lol But what I did NOT expect at all was G to give a HILARIOUS STELLAR Walken performance😂 I mean,

as soon as the psychiatrist asked him a question, he just went full-fledged Walken & didn’t stop for like 5mins. The whole group was absolutely dying of laughter – it was great😂

I’m saying this because…oH mY goodneSS…I was so extra-flipped over G right then I could barely breathe💙 Like,

he was so confident in being such a ham & staying in character & I just find confidence – eSPEcially confidence in forking around – SO frigging attractive I can’t even explasdfghjkl ughhhh💙

Oh my gosh he just kiLLed me & I loved it lol After the game,

his sister (1 of my fav friends ever) told me that he does his Walken impression at home all the time too so that just told me more that he’s a comfortable playing around & being a dork all

the time & I love it💙

Ok, the other thing is that last weekend I was helping Elsie (that’s what I’m calling his younger sister that I’m friends with) memorize a monologue she had to perform for a class assignment.

So after service on Sunday, her & I stayed in the youth room so she could “perform” the monologue & I could watch & give critique.

G stayed too, of course, & started playing the drums while he waited for Elsie.

OMG he is SO good at the drums & he gets all into it when he’s playing & he looks so frigging handsome when he’s loses himself to music & couldn’t help but blush whenever I stole

a glimpse of him while Elsie looked at her notes. Ugghhhh💙

Then, later that day, we had a leader’s potluck/meeting at DJ’s place & I made G laugh!😝

After we’d eaten our 1st plates of food, Elsie & I got up to throw our paper plates away. Then we thought we’d get dessert before we sat back down.

G had just walked over to the food table & seen me reaching to get us 2 smaller paper dessert plates & he said “Wow, just killing trees like that?” And I responded “They’re already dead, G.

I’m giving their death PURPOSE right now.” And he busted up laughing (so did other people who heard but I didn’t care as much lol).

Omg my heart was blushing scarlet at that moment, seeing his smile & watching him laugh so close to me & knowing he thought I was funny right then ugghhhh💙

So ^^that^^was all 2 weeks ago.

Then this last week, G was playing base in worship in the Main sanctuary for the 1st time (he plays worship every weekend in youth).

I was a few mins late service since I’d had to park further away that usual. I slid into my seat as the 1st song ended & the pastor went up to pray over our communion before worship continued.

I always sit 5 rows from the front a little the left from facing the stage – that meant I was directly in clear view in front of G.

While the pastor was walking up to the stage, G looked up & seen me & smiled & gave a small wave (!!!!) & I smiled & waved back from my seat.

OOMMGG💙💙 I could have floated through the roof I felt so thrilled.

My heart was blushing scarlet red for the rest of the day💙

So that’s what’s happened

Until new post,

~a blushing girl

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