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work by jesspurt adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


His lips brushed against mine in a harsh kiss as my hands were trapped above my head by one of his hands as the other slowly traced down my body and slip under my dress.

His kisses became persistent as the flew them down my neck towards the tops of my breasts,

open mouthed kisses were scattered across the neckline of my dress whilst the hand under my dress pushed it up to my hips.

Quickly growing annoyed with the lack of power I tugged my hands out of his hold and brought his mouth back to mine and ran my fingernails over his scalp and tugged roughly,

rewarded by his groan of pleasure I moved my hands to begin to unbutton his shirt.

Both of his hands were now gripping my waist tightly as he pushed into me impatiently, his hands slowly snaked up my back to find the zip that was keeping me prisoner in the designer gown.

Throwing his shirt on the floor I set myself to the task of removing his belt and pants, the sound of a zipper caused me to falter as I looked up to his devious smirk.

He quickly tugged my dress down and allowed me to kick the rest of it off whilst his hands explored the parts of my body that the dress had covered.

Smiling in victory once he was bare I brought his mouth back to mine, during his rough kisses I felt my bra be ripped away replaced by his warm hands.

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