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Blue Diamond

Nagato Zeitzev gripped Soubi Agatsuma's chin in one white-gloved hand and smiled down at his blind, bound beauty.

Saliva dribbled from the corners of Soubi's mouth, split as it was by the silver and black bit gag.

The gag fastened under the heavy leather-padded blind that covered all of Soubi's upper face, eyes, and the top of Soubi's head.

Two strips of leather rested on Soubi's smooth-shaven face to either side of Soubi's sleek nose, and the head-harness buckled at the base of Soubi's skull.

His long, blond hair flowed across his bare shoulders, and both hair and creamy skin were damp with sweat.

"The delight you bring me is without end, my Gentle One," Nagato crooned, and though he was quite sure his boy was beyond the ability to comprehend speech,

Soubi shuddered at the tender inflection Nagato infused into his tone. Or possibly, it was merely the cadence and sound of Soubi's Grace's voice that did the trick.

Nagato did not know, would not ask, and could not care, so long as he earned reaction, and his sweet, gentle boy stayed conscious.

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