Blowing Off Steam
Blowing Off Steam bruce banner is a good bro stories

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Blowing Off Steam

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the final reboot of this story. I've been working on it for over a year, and I think this time I've got it going in the right direction.

It will begin in the next chapter so the date will be current.

I'd like to give a huge thank you to the lovely Anogete for being my cheerleader on this story and beta reading it for me. I'm not sure where the story would be without your input.

If there's anything you'd like to see in the story, or if you want to see what else I'm up to, follow me on Tumblr

. Also, check out my

for pictures I've created, and the random stuff that inspires me to write the story.

Also... there's going to be lots of smut, since Grace is exploring her sexuality with reckless abandon.

Possibilites include: biting, anal, rough sex, threesomes, double penetration, oral sex, a variety of sex positions... and I don't know what else.

If you have anything you don't like to read or that just bothers you, leave a comment or shoot me a message on Tumblr and I'll let you know if it's going to be in the story,

and/or i'll put a warning so you can skip a chapter or section.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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