Bloom Dracula Series 2
Bloom Dracula Series 2 bloom/sky (winx club) stories

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Bloom Dracula Series 2

Series 2 Episode 1: Answers, Questions and Kidnappers: Part 1

Vlad was tossed and turned within his bed that night, a nightmare of that night invaded his dreams, dreams of the night he almost lost his father to slayers, the night of the Hunt Ball,

images of slayers and vampires overloading his mind.

His eyes snapped. He bolted upright in his bad. His body caked in sweat, his pyjamas clinging to his soaked flesh.

His breathing deep and rapidly as he sought to calm himself and convince himself it was all just a dream.

The door to Bloom's coffin swung open, Vlad's gaze shot to the said coffin and was met with the sight of an empty coffin.

He felt a hand press down firmly on his shoulder, his head whipped round and he was met with Bloom's concerned expression as she sized him up, sitting on the side of his bed.

"Vlad, are you okay?" Asked the fiery haired vampiress, her tone filled with concern and worry for her younger brother.

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