Bloody, Retrograde Prequel Vignettes
Bloody, Retrograde Prequel Vignettes patchouli knowledge stories

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Bloody, Retrograde Prequel Vignettes

The first time they met was at the lake outside Scarlet Devil Mansion.

There sat a girl with pale green hair and striking green eyes, wearing a magnificent black hat with a yellow bow and a tan dress with wide sleeves.

She had a third eyeball, just flopping around, and it was horribly stitched shut.

She sat on a hill next to the lake, overlooking the reflection of the moon upon its ethereal waters, and she cried, softly but unmistakably.

Occasionally a fairy would flutter over only to be vaporized with an offhand flick of a wrist.

A blond girl, with a white and red dress and with Christmas-light wings pranced though the forest. She stopped when she noticed the girl, and she cautiously hovered over to her.

“What's wrong?” she asked, a curious frown on her face.

The green haired girl jerked up suddenly and wiped her tears. She was surprised to see someone notice her. “Oh, it's -it's nothing,” she said “Just some big sister problems.”

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