Blood, Vet and Fears
Blood, Vet and Fears emotional hurt/comfort stories

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Blood, Vet and Fears

Catrina Loss was rudely awoken by the squeal that tore through her apartment. It was one o'clock in the afternoon, and she felt like she had just closed her eyes.

As an attending at the hospital, her shifts were long, and Cat seriously valued her sleep.

Which she seriously thought her flat-mate would have known by now.

Grumbling, Cat sat up in bed. If Magnus was this excited, she doubted she would be allowed to go back to sleep.

At that very moment, one very exuberant Indonesian man burst through her bedroom door.

“I GOT IT!” Magnus was screaming at her as he launched himself across the floor and landed next to Cat on the bed.

He was clutching a letter in his hands as if it held next week's winning lottery numbers. Cat looked at it to her friend and back again.

“Wait, seriously?!” She snatched it from Magnus's trembling fingers and gave it a quick once-over.

Her irritation at being woken immediately evaporated, intense pride took its place, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

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