Blood Stains and Paint
Blood Stains and Paint victor creed stories

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A fanfic by vampheart410 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Blood Stains and Paint

You ever have that one sibling who is perfect in every way that everyone compares you too? Well, that’s my life as I have always been compared to my older sister.

Emily your sister is so smart! Emily your sister is so beautiful! Emily you should be more like your sister, she is amazing!

My name is Emily Grey, my older sister is the beautiful, powerful mutant known as Jean Grey. Yeah, I’m that bitch’s younger sister.

UGH! I hate her so much! Always being compared to her! In school, powers, beauty, fuck everything!

When I was younger living at the mansion, I constantly heard of my sister from other students and the teachers.

Nothing I did seem to matter; if my grades weren’t perfect, if I didn’t exceed sports or training, if anything I did was perfect I had to be reminded of my sister.

Yes, like my sister I have red hair but my is more red wine color as my hair falls to my lower waist is soft waves with my bangs falling around my face.

Skin is porcelain with lush full lips, slender body with small round breast, and only five foot five. Like my older sister, I have telekinesis powers like Jean to move things with my mind.

Though I do not have the telepath mind control powers like my sister, I do have a healing factor much like Logan’s.

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