Blood Of Dragons
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Blood Of Dragons

Their blood was fire, burning bright through their skin and fighting against the chilled, oppressive shadow of the chamber.

Darkness tried to swallow them up, only held at bay by the glow from their flesh.

The light pulsing off their skin was aided by a pale blue glimmer racing along the sword held by the man in front of her and the purple crackle of energy rising off her hands.

The shine pushed against the stale air of the tomb-like room they found themselves in.

The atmosphere promised death within seconds. And without a doubt, that death would be their own if they didn't move swift and sure.

The figure in front of them, staring them down was gaunt as a specter.

The spells curling out of his fingers and rising off his shoulders in a heat haze were lanced with a sickening purple color that turned her stomach the more she looked at it.

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