Blood Moon
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Blood Moon

It was normal on the Ark that every year, everyone went to medical and got injected with vitamins. Well, that's what the people of the Ark were supposed to think, but it wasn't vitamins.

Everyone on the Ark was a werewolf, but they had problems with space and oxygen, so there wasn't enough space for wolves to run around.

So, the first generation of citizens decided that it would be best if no one, except for the people in charge, knew about who they really were.

They made the suppressants to eliminate this problem. They were supposed to suppress every part of the wolf in them.

But, over the years, the suppressants became less effective. The people had to start coming to medical more often for their vitamin injections, especially the younger generation.

It seemed as though their immune system started fighting, or adapting to, the suppressants.

That was the main reason why Council decided to send 100 teenagers to the Earth.

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