Blood is Thicker Than Water
Blood is Thicker Than Water ben shannon(oc) stories

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Blood is Thicker Than Water


Shannon apartment

Jim had just finished the police academy at age 20 and was now dating Elisabeth who was working at the state hospital in Chicago,

Jim´s father Richard had not been a good father always drinking and beating up on both his sons and their mother when Jim started the academy Richard moved over all his frustration

unto Ben their mother Jane tried her best but could not stand up to Richard and Ben always tried to stand up to his father to protect his mother the same as Jim usually did before he went off

to the academy but at age 10 being much smaller than his father and only made Richard beat him even worse.

Since Richard had gotten fired years earlier and rather spent his days drinking while Jane had to work double shifts to support her remaining son.

Jane came home coughing again the week before she noticed she had been coughing up blood but hadn't gone to the hospital as they needed the money,

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